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"We are convinced that the privacy laws do not need to be an obstacle but rather help organizations for doing business without concerns."

“It is our challenge to solve your obstacles on a pragmatic, clear and transparent way to convert to manageable processes and raising awareness of people’s behavior with respect to the privacy of customers and employees.”

The benefits of privacy laws (GDPR):

The privacy legislation provides better customer value.

Customers and employees will be more likely to share more information about their privacy when they know that it is in safe hands. This will make that you can better respond on the needs of your customer and employee; they can take their advantage on this and therefore you deliver added value by just that bit of extra attention. Comes to confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal data. That an organization should propagate and communicate in everything.


“Attention gives extra strength to your service for the customer”

The data analysis and business intelligence provide restraint at the public. Big Brother is watching you feeling, insecurity about your data and your privacy.

Make sure your company gives enough guarantees that the personal data is safe with you and not being used for other cloth than agreed. It offers new opportunities to tailor make the service even more. So, you stay ahead of the competition.


“By each time with 1 goal more you can win the match and stay ahead”

When a relationship (customer or employee) has not a good feeling about his personal data by incorrect use or leak of personal data (data breach) and he will suffer damage (financial, or image). Then they don’t want to do business with your company anymore.

Such issues can be prevented by ensuring that your privacy-housekeeping is in order. Then you will win confidence of your customers and business partners. Then they are willing to share their personal data where it is needed with your company.


“Prevention is better than cure”

Often, we see that this is standardized by completing check lists, 10 steps plan and other tools the privacy law is implemented. Nothing wrong with that but you are not sure that this fits with your organization. A health-service provider has a different privacy implementation than a transport company or a web shop. In short there is no “standard”. Too few measures will not be accepted by the authority, insufficient security safeguards for personal data can lead to data breaches and can result in fines. Too many measures will cost you a lot of time and therefore money, while overkill of measures makes doing business more difficult.

“If there is too much space, it creates holes”


PrivacyCompliant can handle the benefits of privacy laws together with you. Let us know if you want to have a conversation to investigate your benefits.

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